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How's your Health Triangle?

My Health Essex want you to take a broader approach to your health.


You might just think of your physical health when you're thinking about how you're feeling, but you need to look at everything!


Your mental health, social health and physical health all need to be looked after to form a fully rounded you.


So, when you're considering your health, think about all three aspects and ask yourself and your friends -


How are you feeling today?

Small changes to things like your sleep and getting active, can actually make a life changing difference to your overall health.

Mental and Emotional​


It's recommended that you get around 8 hours of sleep every night. 


Why not try going to bed slightly earlier than usual and see what a difference that makes to how you feel. 


The benefits of getting enough sleep can reduce stress, improve your memory, lower blood pressure, help you maintain your weight, put you in a better mood, reduce your chances of diabetes. keep your heart healthy and even make you smart!  For more information read NHS's benefits to sleep.



Do whatever makes you feel happy.  Take some time out; for some it might be a relaxing bath, watching TV, going for a walk.  Reading a book or a magazine is also a great way to relax. 


Or have  you thought about meditation?  There are lots of free meditation videos online, search on YouTube or Netflix for inspiration.  


Even just chatting to your friends and family can be all the relaxation you need.  Or reach out to social groups around you?  

Get Outside


This is something we can all try to do more, even if it's just a few minutes a day to start with.


Getting into nature has so many benefits for your mental health.  Spending time in green spaces can help to improve your mood, reduce stress and even help boost your confidence.  


Try it for yourself, maybe invite friends or family to join you. 


Make this small change and monitor how it benefits you.  We'd love to hear your about your progress, if you'd like to share your stories, visit our Facebook or Instagram @myhealthessex

Health Triangle, Mental and Emotional Health, sleeping, meditate and get outside
We are always here for you...


If you are feeling down or overwhelmed, or have any ongoing concerns you'd like to get help with, we are always here for you.

Seek advice today, book an appointment with your GP.

All of our west Essex GP's are listed in our GP Directory.

Healthy Minds


Healthy Minds (West Essex IAPT) is part of the NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) initiative, offering free and confidential talking therapy and practical support for adults with common mental health problems including anxiety and depression.

For more information or support, please visit their website.

Or contact them:

Telephone: 0300 222 5943


Social Health West Essex NHS


For many, our home is our sanctuary, a place to relax. There are many ways we can make our homes a place we want to be, making it a calm and relaxing space, where you can unwind.  Simply rearranging our furniture, organising our cupboards and decluttering can freshen up our homes.  

Work - Life Balance

It's easy to get carried away with work, before you know it, the hours have frittered away and we're still sat at our desks, way past home time.  

Improving  your work-life balance is not only better from your health, but it can also improve your productivity when you are at work.


It's good to talk!  Taking just a few minutes a day to check in with our friends or family, really can give you a boost.  Whether it's someone to laugh with, or to share our problems with, maintaining relationships throughout our lives provides many different benefits.

And when you want to meet new friends, why not start a new hobby or find out what local meet ups are happening in your local area. 

How are you feeling?


No really, how are you feeling?  It's an important question, we often forget to ask ourselves.  Check in on yourself today.  Do you feel in good shape?  Could you benefit from a little more physical activity?

Getting active...

Are you getting active enough?  Do you take regular exercise?  Go for a walk and explore your local area. Take time for you, getting active, even just a few minutes a day can benefit many aspects of your physical and mental health.

Stay hydrated

Water is one of natures greatest gifts.  And guess what, it's free!  Drinking just 6 to 8 glasses a day can enhance your health.

Staying hydrated can improve your skin, help you lose or maintain weight, prevent constipation, aid digestion, keep you energised and even increase your productivity.

Remember, just a few small changes, can help you lead happier, healthier lives.

Physical Health, exercise and hydration, West Essex NHS
Need advice?​


Please don't ignore any ongoing health problems. 


Whether you have physical, social or mental concerns, seek advice today, book an appointment with your GP.

All of our west Essex GP's are listed in our GP Directory.