You Go Girl!

Cervical Screening saves 4,500* lives every year...


…and that’s why we’re launching a campaign to build awareness of this potentially life saving test.  We're encouraging young women to book and attend their cervical screening (smear test) when invited.

The campaign will be promoted throughout Harlow from 17 May.  You’ll see our ads on buses and hear them on Heart radio, with additional support across digital and social media.

*Cervical Screening saves an estimated 4,500 lives in England.  Data Source - NHS Digital (Open Exeter)/Public Health England (PHE)

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Why Harlow?

We've noticed that there are still a number of women living in Harlow who are not coming forward to book their free cervical screening test when invited. 


This concerns us because cervical cancer does not discriminate, it really can impact women at any age.  That's why screening is offered nationally from the age of 25. 

The brilliant news is cervical screening helps to detect risks of cancer early enough to be treated effectively, or even before cancer has developed. 

So, if you are aged 25 to 64, make sure you're up-to-date with your appointments.

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Received your cervical screening invite letter?
Contact your GP Practice to book your appointment.

About the test


It’s a free test, offered from your GP’s surgery, performed by a qualified nurse, so you're always in safe hands. 

You’ll know when to attend because you’ll receive a letter inviting you to book your appointment.  Don’t worry if your letter came through months ago, you can still book.  Just give your GP Practice a call.

Make time for yours


We understand it’s difficult to find time for appointments when you’re juggling children, work, a social life and your home, but the test itself only takes a few minutes, less time than it takes to get your nails done!

It’s a doddle, the test is free, quick and easy to access through your GP.

So, what are you waiting for – You Go Girl!

Want to know more?


Visit our handy guide to cervical screening