Cancer Awareness Campaigns

Cervical cancer prevention week
Cervical Cancer Prevention Week - January

One in three women and people with a cervix don't attend cervical screening and we want to change that. However cervical cancer prevention doesn't stop at screening.

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Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Month - February

February is Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Month, but what is Oesophageal cancer?

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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is more than a day on the calendar. It's a campaign  to inspire change and mobilise action long after the day itself.   A multi-year campaign to build global awareness and ultimately more impact. 

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - March
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Brain Tumour Awareness Month - March
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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - March

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and we’re highlighting the inequalities that thousands of women with ovarian cancer face to ensure women receive the best care regardless of age, location or ethnicity. We’re driven to reach a world where no woman dies of ovarian cancer. 

March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month.  Learn more on common symptoms.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. More than 47,500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – that's 129 men every day.  March is Prostate Cancer Awareness month.

If you have concerns about prostate cancer and would like more information please click on the read more link below.

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Testicular Cancer Prevention - April

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness month. In the United Kingdom, testicular cancer is mostly diagnosed in university aged men. It’s the most common cancer amongst males aged between 15 and 35.  Every year almost 2,500 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer in the UK, but it is 98% curable if detected early,.

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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - April

Bowel Cancer Awareness month in April, to shines a light on the varied and many people affected by bowel cancer and how it affects them. 

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Bladder Cancer Awareness Month - May

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is a global campaign aimed at focusing attention on bladder cancer.

Sun Awareness Week -
3-9 May

Sun Awareness is the British Association of Dermatologists' annual campaign to raise awareness of skin cancer.  The campaign is two-pronged and combines prevention and detection advice

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Sarcoma Awareness Month - July

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Sarcoma is known as the “forgotten cancer.” According to, about 13,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year.

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Cervical Screening Awareness Week14-20 June

In a week dedicated to raising awareness of cervical screening, Jo's Trust help to explain the importance of screening, clear up confusion over results and HPV. 

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Every September, Blood Cancer Awareness Month raises awareness and understanding of blood cancers.

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Go Girl!  Cervical Screening Campaign

Launched in Harlow in 2021 - Go Girl! is a positive cervical screening awareness campaign, created to improve the uptake of this potentially life saving test.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  There are lots of ways to get involved.

Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month.  Learn more about symptoms.

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Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month - September

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

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Urological Awareness Month - September

Urology Awareness Month has been running annually with the aim of increasing awareness of urological conditions, so that people can spot the symptoms early and seek treatment.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October

Breast Cancer UK puts prevention first for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month - November

Lung Cancer Awareness Month is a campaign designed to encourage people to spot early signs and symptoms of lung cancer. Early diagnosis is key to boosting survival rates.

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Mouth Cancer Awareness - November

Mouth Cancer Action Month is held in November every year and is supported by the Mouth Cancer Foundation and the Oral Health Foundation.